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“Zakład Mechaniczny Jabłoński (ZMJ)” [Jabłoński Mechanical Works] is a reliable partner in the wood processing machines and devices industry. We are the manufacturer of sawmill machines, cranes, carpentry devices, saw sharpeners, bandaws and broad bandsaws and other professional devices. We specialize in the production of machines that find application in the wood processing industry.

The company was established in 1985 – as a crafts workshop. In the beginning Stanisław Jabłoński, M.Sc. Eng. employed just one worker. Seeing the customer demands and large interest in wood processing machines he skillfully answered the customer demands. The novel construction solutions, individual approach to every single customer and its expectations remain the watchword of ZMJ till the present date. Thanks to the persistence and consequent actions the “ZMJ” company systematically developed. In 1990 “ZMJ” occupied a newly built 100m2 production hall and employed 10 persons, but the large interest in “ZMJ” products and the vision of the Owner led to further development of the company and necessitated the change of its headquarters. In 1995 “ZMJ” moves to factory halls of an area of 1500m2. The subsequent years are also reach in investments that resulted in construction of another 2,200m2 of production halls and administration offices.

“ZMJ” today is a team of several tens of employees, that includes a highly qualified staff of engineers and technicians. Our designers are graduates of the Warsaw University of Technology specializing, among others in: steel constructions, power hydraulics, supervision devices, industrial automatics and robotics. Thanks to our qualified staff we are able to manufacture the highest quality bandsaws and broad-band saws, precise saw sharpeners, efficient barkers. Our machines enjoy good reputation among our customers.

“ZMJ” is a family-held company, the interests and passions of Stanisław Jabłoński are shared and further developed by his sons Leszek Jabłoński, M.Sc. Eng. and Marek Jabłoński M.Sc. Eng. Thanks to its young team the “ZMJ” is able to propose modern solutions for its customers and use them in manufacturing processes and machines – in the field of mechanics and industrial automatics. The Zakład Mechaniczny Jabłoński is a dynamic company betting on development and perfection of its staff. In 2006 the new design office was fully equipped with a 3D design system that set new quality standards for our devices, already at the design stage thereof.

We have a broad range of machinery and full crane support in assembly works, which enables us to manufacture atypical machines and large constructions. The novel solutions and short lead times for orders make “ZMJ” competitive among manufacturers of machines for wood processing, broad-band saws, saw sharpeners and other specialist devices. Our passion, consequence in development and reliable products are appreciated by our customers, who after buying one piece of equipment come back to buy the next machines.

The permanent offer of “ZMJ” includes devices such as:

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